About us
MABOTEX was created in 1977, backed up by the technical know-how it inherited from the company
Atnas, the company who created the first automatic machines to produce medical and surgical
compresses in 1936. Since then, MABOTEX has been dedicated to designing and building machines to
meet with the world market requirements.
MABOTEX has full control of the design, production, assembly, marketing and maintenance of its
The plus points of the MABOTEX machines:
- Possibility of producing all the usual sizes on the same machine thanks to simple adjustments.
- Excellent productivity ranging from 1,800 compresses per hour to 36,000 compresses per hour
  depending on the machines.
The significant work performed in the research field has given MABOTEX that leading edge on the world
market. Among the latest innovations are cold sealing packaging machines and machines to fold non
woven wipers.
Manufacturers of folding
and conditionning machines for medical textiles
(cotton gauze and nonwoven)